Review: Godhead by Ken Mooney

859662_10151376185958197_1446203540_oKen Mooney’s ability to coin a phrase is outstanding. Throughout this epic tale of demi-gods fighting against the goddess of procreation, he manages to build emotions, actions, and a fantastic world one feels instantly connected with.

From the opening prologue, the reader is pulled into a tale that could have been written by Homer himself, gods at war with each other, battling for supremacy. He moves on from there to a more modest setting, but doesn’t keep us there for long, as we suddenly find our protagonists squaring off against the exact same foe that Zeus and Hera found themselves struggling to contain. . . Aphrodite.

And Aphrodite is where this tale really hits its stride. In this goddess, Mooney has managed to create a villain that the reader both immediately hates and yearns to learn more about. She uses everything at her disposal to get her way, and even has an evil henchman to assist her dastardly deeds.

By the end of the book we are stuck craving the next piece of this tale. I can only hope that Mooney doesn’t take too long to give us what we desire.


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