Interview with an Undead Game Designer(?)

552235_407463265955425_1710352829_nI’ve got something a little new for you all today.  That’s right, in the vein of spotlighting independent artists, I’ve got a friend who just so happens to design board and card games, and I’d love you to get to know a bit about him.  Also. . . he claims to be undead!

So, without any extra babbling on my part, I’ll let Minos tell you about himself and his work!

1. Who the heck are you?
Minos MacDuff / Minos thee Undead
2. Where are you from?
I am living in the cold but normal City of Eau Claire WI     (4/15/13 whopping 39 degrees hate this weather lol)
3.  Why are you here?  By that, I mean, what are you trying to promote?  Hint: This is probably a good time to sell us on your work
Well great interviewer – I am a designer of games…. Ok not video games but the old time sit at the table with friends and play a game type of games. Board games, Card Games, Dice Game, you name it I have made it or played it. I have been playing games like these for about 30 years, and I have been designing them for about ten. This made me begin Game Station Games, a great Game company that will always make great games for the masses that love them!
Misty 24.  What made you decide to do such a thing?
Well its about what my life is conceived of…. starting when I was 6 with the great video game time frame such as atari, it got me into the fantasy of hey you can make any thing and play it, then Dungeon and Dragons, then everything under the sun I could play and get my hands on.
5.  Are you proud of it?  Why?
My games?  Yes!  There good games and they are for most ages 8 and up.
6.  Board games are really now just seeming to come back into style.  There’s tons of new ones cropping up on a regular basis.  What is it about yours that you think really sets you apart from the horde?
Well the nice thing about my games are you can play them by your self.  Of course its more fun to play with more people and so on, but some people just don’t have that option all the time, and solitaire gets a bit old.
7.  How long does it generally take you to develop one of these games?
2 – 4 Months depending how involved the game is.
8.  Any cool stories about what inspired you to do it?
Yes! Every day life, one game that I made called When Night Falls was Based off a local Halloween carnny.
9.  What do you do when you’re not creating artistic masterpieces?
Getting involved with people, meaning….. going to shows, Bars, Events, any place where a lot of people are so I can hear stories and may be pick up on another Idea for a great game or just learn something new.
10.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about the game developing scene.  Do you have any heroes in the business that you aspire to be like?
There is a company named Ninth Level Games (NLG) that started out with a few real basic games and a Printer to a fairly big company, its a great story on a little guy becoming a big guy biz.
11.  What are your plans for the future?  Local/global tournaments?  Video games?  Taking over Parker Bros.?
Just starting off, but for the gamers out there I will be at Gen Con show Casing the Games with “The Game Crafter “ , so come on down to indy for the show in aug.
12.  Very important. . . where can we find your stuff?  Now that we know you, it’s pretty obvious we all need to buy at least a couple of your games!
The games are at  , then click on shop and in the search bar type “Game station presents”, all of my games will pop up
13.  Any other ways to contact you?  Website, twitter, e-mail address you want filled with spam?
Anyone can contact me through game crafter site
14.  Any last notes you’d like to make that hasn’t been covered here, such as why you haven’t yet developed a Buddy Hero themed game?

Buddy Hero is now in development  – Buddy Hero Super Hero Game, Grab your D6 and Pen and paper, roll up your hero and start the game!!! Fight Villains of all Kinds, STOP the bombs, SAVE the Bank, and for all sake…… Get that little baby her sucker BACK!!!!! <—- Coming soon!!!  (editors note: ooh  . . . new storyline ideas cropping up now. . . 🙂 )


Thanks for stopping by, Minos.  I guess the undead have a bit more spirit than we give them credit for, huh?  

Have a good one!



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