Jurassic Park, Writing, and the Future

In case you're wondering.  Yes, it was this poster.
In case you’re wondering. Yes, it was this poster.

It has been a crazy awesome week.  In a matter of four days we managed to give away just under 400 copies of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO to people all across the globe.  I can’t even express how amazing it has been to see the book be received so readily.  Sure, it was being given away for free, but seriously, there’s thousands of free ebooks out there right now, for Buddy to have found its way onto so many ereaders. . . well, it makes this writer ready to move forward.

The next step, of course, is to await the reviews to start coming in.  I’m not going to be one of those folks harping on all of you to put out gushing reviews of my book to get it to the top.  I won’t even be begging that you review the sucker.  I just hope to get some honest feedback from people who chose to read the book.

But none of that really matters right now.  What does is that I just got home from watching Jurassic Park in 3d.

And how may this apply, you are probably asking yourselves.

Well, it just so happens that approximately 20 years ago, I became aware of an upcoming movie, and, of course, the book it was based on.  I actually remember the day rather clearly.  One of my cousins (one I haven’t talked to in way too long, come to think of it), who happened to enjoy reading just as much as I did, told me about a book she was reading and how excited she was for the movie to come out.  She got me excited about the subject matter, being that I was a young buck and really into dinosaurs, but concerned over the rather tense situations she explained occurred over the course of the book.

After some time considering it, my curiosity won out, and I picked up the book and began reading.  I was completely engrossed.  This book had everything I was into at the time.  The detail that went into the science behind everything astounded me.  The way the author was able to describe the action was like nothing else I had read at the time (seeing as I had been previously relegated to rather juvenile reading material).  It was, in my mind, brilliant.  Then the movie came out.  I had to see that movie!

Jurassic Park was stuck in my brain for months.  But what was even more stuck in my brain was the idea of writing something like this, something stuck so far out from what should appear to be practical, but, with the appropriate amount of description seeming incredibly feasible.  And the action. . .

That was when I had decided to write my first book.  Underneath the shimmer of my brand new poster depicting a Tyrannosaurus Rex feasting on the wheel of a modified Ford Explorer, I began plotting the basic synopsis for my epic novel.  I don’t remember the name of the book, but the basic concept was simple (and quite obviously similar to the book/movie I had fallen in love with).  A couple of kids got stuck inside an indoor safari park and found themselves running from all sorts of wildlife in order to stay alive.  Although when I usually tell this story, I state that I finished the book in two pages, the truth of the matter is that I never actually completed the story.  I sat down, began writing, and within a couple pages realized I was already way too far into the story to have as little written down as I did.  That was when I crumpled up the pages and threw them into the trash.  That was the first time I decided I could never be a writer.

However, in some sort of action of Kismet, I find myself today, almost 20 years later, in a very similar situation.  There was no planning involved.  A couple months ago, I found myself wanting to read the book Jurassic Park once again.  I had picked the book up at a garage sale or some other such thing within the last year and had been considering reading it, but the need cropped out of nowhere somewhere mid-February.  I placed it in my to-be-read pile, awaiting the completion of a few other books I had in queue (it actually ended up getting bumped a tad).  And then, a couple weeks ago, I found out they were re-releasing the movie in 3D. All at the same time I was finally in a place where I felt I had written a book I could be proud of.

It wasn’t until tonight that I realized JP was the impetus for the writing of my first book.

And here I am, 20 years later, feeling the need to write. . . I think 11-year old me would be proud.

Anyways, I really need to get to sleep.  Once again, I want to thank everyone for all of the support and really rocking the push to get this book in as many hands as possible.  We well surpassed the 12 books I was expecting to have given out this week.  As such, I spent a great part of today working on something I hope to be able to reveal on Monday.  It’s not much, but, well. . . I hope you’ll like it.

Have a great weekend!


Oh, and JP3D?  It totally held up.


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