Update on the Week of Release for THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO

First, once again, I can’t begin to express how amazing this week has been in terms of support coming from not only my awesome friends and family, but from all over the world.  The network of independent authors is growing strong, and the successes my book has seen so far is a great example of that.

Me, in Germany, 2008. . . course, looks like Japan deserves the visit even more.
Me, in Germany, 2008. . . course, looks like Japan deserves the visit even more.

Second. . . Japan!  Although it was awesome to see Germany taking such an immediate liking to my book, I knew I had an in there through my wife.  Japan. . . I have no clue how you’ve found me, but you’ve already overtaken Germany in sales and as of last look, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is #243 for all free kindle books on amazon.co.jp.  That’s since this morning!

Seriously cool.

Of course, the US is still bringing it in the total sales department and the rest of the world will have to do some heavy lifting to catch up, but still. . . it’s going much better than the 12 total sales I expected for the first week.  I’m waaaaay past that. . . and we’ve just barely started day three. So, I guess I was wrong.  It is possible to give this thing away 🙂

There’s still two days left for you to purchase your free ebook copy of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  I don’t want to get too crazy, but I’d love to reach 1000 books sold before Amazon finally says I have to charge people for this thing.  I’m already so happy with the response Buddy’s received that I’ve got an extra special something in the works that I’ll try to reveal on Monday. . . it’ll take some free time to do, which I’m mighty low on at the moment, but, since you’ve all been so awesome, I’ll make the time happen.

I’ve also got another author interview (and guest post) coming very soon. . . just gotta remind her to get some additional details my way so we can get this sucker posted.  Stay tuned, mogulings.  This week’s still young!


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