THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO – FOR SALE NOW! (FREE!!!) – also, the reveal of the winning cover

Buddy at Bar

Good morning everyone.  If you are one of the lucky folks who has signed up for e-mail alerts telling you when my new books have come out, you’re already aware.  As of about 5pm yesterday, The Legend of Buddy Hero appeared on Amazon sites around the world.  As of approximately midnight, it became free.

That’s right, as part of the release week extravaganza, The Legend of Buddy Hero is absolutely free to purchase.  Now, this book will continue to be free to borrow for Amazon Prime members for the indefinite future, but you can only purchase this sucker to own for free and read on whatever electronic reader you choose from today through Friday at midnight.  So, get your mouse clickers ready and head on over to your favorite Amazon store and click the shiny orange button that says you love Buddy.

Heck, maybe some of you don’t have electronic readers.  Maybe there’s still a few of you who would prefer to not read books on a screen.  That’s cool, I’m totally with you (although I have found my own Kindle to be a magnificent friend on vacations).  The thing is. . . maybe you’ll change you’re mind.  Buying today will save you five whole dollars in the future.

Even better, by buying for free, today (or later this week, if you are waffling for some reason on this completely string-free deal), you’re helping me out immensely.  Every book I sell this opening week moves me up higher on the Amazon rankings, making me that much more visible to the world at large.  So, by buying your book for free, today, you’re helping someone else find my book to buy for slightly more money than free in the future.

So go, now!

Also, the pretty clear winner of the ‘contest’ of covers is the one pictured here.  I have to admit, I’m a fan. . . just wasn’t sure I wanted that person’s ugly mug gracing the cover for forever. . .

Stay tuned for more release week fun.  I should be popping up in different locations around the web.  And, I may just have a visitor or two stop by as well.

Here’s some links to help you find Buddy:



And when you get done purchasing, click on Amazon’s fancy share button so you can tell the world how much you love Buddy, just like this guy here:




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