THE BIG REVEAL! (Book covers!)

Sorry for the radio silence last week. . . got really busy with life and whatnot, and honestly forgot about writing anything in this space at all.

However, to make up for it, I have something special.  Book covers!

The amazingly talented Amanda Obenhoffer (still waiting on preferred contact information for her, if you would like to have some amazing covers produced like these, contact me and I’ll forward on your info to her) sent me 10 fantastic cover mock ups last week.  The problem is. . . now I have too many to choose from.  I love them all.  So, I figured I’d give all of you the opportunity to voice your opinion.

I’m pretty lazy, so I’m not going to come up with any cool functionality to do this.  The covers are below, with a pretty simple title.  Either vote in the comments here, on facebook, or shoot me an e-mail message.  I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites.  I know which ones mine are, but I’d like to see where the rest of the world sits.  I narrowed the choices down to five to make things slightly easier.


4 Replies to “THE BIG REVEAL! (Book covers!)”

    1. Whoops.. . not sure what happened to the title for Buddy at Bar. Corrected it now. Thanks for the thoughts. I’m happy to see that you’re all as torn on it as I am. . . although there is a definite winner emerging.

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