The Doctor and The Fat Mogul

Since I’ve been too busy to do any real writing for the past ~2 weeks, I’m at a loss of what to tell you folks for updates.  It’s been a crazy month so far, and there’s currently no real hopes of it slowing down soon.  However, I hate to leave this site dormant, and although I try not to do too many reviews in a given week. . . here’s another review, albeit, slightly different.

doctorwho50Doctor Who. . . if you haven’t watched the rebooted (yet, not officially rebooted, I suppose relaunched would be the official term) series, you must do that now.  It beloved by many, but in my talks with folks familiar with the old series, particularly though who live in the U.K., they just don’t seem to care about it.

I found this odd, to be honest.  I mean, these folks (as well as several hipster-y state-side nerds who claim the old series is the best) declare a love for the series, but really have no interest in seeing the continuation.  In almost all of these conversations, not a single one of them had even seen an episode of the new stuff. . . yet knew it couldn’t add up.

As a big fan of the new series (seriously, find it, watch it), I figured this must mean that there was something incredibly special about the old series and placed myself on the adventure of watching every old series episode I could get my hands on.  I am currently about halfway through the episodes of the 4th doctor. . . or, you know, 1977.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still planning on getting through the rest of the old series, there is definitely a certain charm about them.  However, this stuff doesn’t even compare to the current series.  I love me a good ol’ monster flick.  I’ll still sit down and watch a Godzilla film and enjoy every minute of it.  That’s what these are, an episodic series of monster flicks.  They are fun, they are cute, but, well, the polish just isn’t there.  The new series has that going for it.  The new stuff is cute, has monsters, AND it’s incredibly polished.  It takes all the best parts of the original series and cleans it up and makes it much more epic.  Instead of laughing at the rubber suits in the old series, you get to focus on the actual stories at hand (well. . . the first season or so of the new series was still a little rough on that kind of stuff).

The new stuff really does take everything the old series had and just makes it better.  Sure, there’s no Tom Baker somehow never tripping over his scarf that should constantly be wrapping itself around his ankles as he offers people Jelly Babies. . . well, not yet, he’s supposed to be appearing in the 50th anniversary episode this year, but the new Doctor’s really have taken on that same attitude that the old doctors had. . . at least doctors 4-7.

I’m enjoying the old series, but it’s not something that you have to give all your attention to.  It’s a really great option to watch while I’m getting other stuff done, as it doesn’t suck me in completely, but amuses me frequently enough to get me out of spreadsheet hell a little bit.

It’s fun. . .but anyone who says it’s better is really just playing the hipster card a little too hard.


Of course, that being said, Tom is finally starting to settle into his role a bit more by the episode I’m on currently. . . so, perhaps as I move into the later doctors I’ll see a bit more of what everyone misses. . . perhaps.


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