Free Book!

Nope, sorry, not mine. . . not yet anyways.  However, a fantastic book by a wonderful writer came out this week, and today just so happens to be the last day he will be offering it for free. . . meaning. . . go here and click on that easy one click button and make it yours, whether you have a kindle or other ereader or not. . . because, it’s free. . . and it won’t be tomorrow.


In fact, he’s over in Dublin. . . who knows what time zone they’re in.  You may only have 10 minutes before the day is over for him and then you will be required to pay money for an amazing book.


Seriously though, Godhead by Ken Mooney is wonderfully written, so much so that you’ll wonder how this could possibly be a debut novel.


And Ken is such a great guy, giving him a little boost to his ranking on Amazon would be a great little gift for him to end his day with.


So do it.  Now!

If you’re one my non US readers, you may have to do a search on your country’s amazon page to find it


4 Replies to “Free Book!”

  1. Ah, Adam…you are indeed a gentleman, scholar and judge of fine wine…it doesn’t matter what anyone else has said about you, I’ll put them right!

    Thanks for sharing; from my own interpretation of the dodgy temporal mechanics involved in this affair, I believe the times are based on west-coast US…so you should have a few hours left.

    But yes, by all mean hurry up and download within the next 10 minutes if that makes you feel any better!

    1. Sheesh, I was trying to set up a sense of urgency, dude. .. now everyone will think Dublin is in a state of temporal flux that will allow them to get it for free on Tuesdays instead of realizing that the lack of any Mayan calendar means we are all living on borrowed time

  2. But, if you’re in the US, just search it in Amazon because your link goes to.the UK site from which I got a very polite, sorry but you suck.

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