Luigi, the Mini-Dino

luigiI’ve always loved dinosaurs.  I remember being completely frightened by the idea of both the book and the movie Jurassic Park, but absolutely needing to partake of both because of their topical content.  I loved them.  Although my love for dinos may not be nearly as epic as it once was, I believe that my interest in green iguanas, such as my buddy Luigi pictured here, relies heavily on that childhood interest.

Luigi’s actually my third iguana.  The first, Kenny, a high school purchase with a few of my high school buddies, became a liability due to re-structured school rules which meant I could not have him in my dorm room.  He, unfortunately, did not live anywhere near his expected life expectancy.

The second, Foot, suffered from liver issues and didn’t even last a year.

Luigi, however, is nearing his fifth year of existence and going strong.  And I mean strong!  He’s huge and crotchety, and just attempting to pick him up is a struggle of strength as this guy can thrash.  He and I have an interesting relationship.  He allows me to continue to exist, mostly, I believe, because I provide him food and clean his cage.  Taking this picture, however, was not something he had any interest in.

If I knew then what I know now, I would never have purchased this guy, as the trade for green iguanas is terrible.  They mistreat these creatures to the point of death as they make their way to the pet stores (part of the issue with Foot’s short life which I didn’t realize until after receiving Luigi).  But they’re incredible creatures.  They live to around 15 years old (if well-taken care of) and get to be gigantic beasts.  And, although Luigi hasn’t gotten there yet, can apparently become quite loving. . . gotta work on that one yet.

So, yeah, that’s my lizard.  He’s pretty awesome.  And I had nothing of worth to chat about today, so I figured he might as well be it.

Have a good one.


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