My Weekend

So, although I was certain my weekend was going to be an exhausting one, due to the additional three children we had invited into our home for the couple days the just passed, I actually had a pretty awesome one.

Sure, I was exhausted, but I was exhausted going into the weekend, the additions to my guardianship had nothing to do with it.  In fact, all they really wanted to do was watch Return of the Jedi. . . oh such wonderful children.

Since my son had not seen any of the Star Wars films yet, I convinced them that if we were going to watch ROTJ, we would have to watch all of the original trilogy in order.  Since the weekend brought on some really gross weather and we were stuck indoors, this seemed a fantastic option. Between that and the fun projects my wife cooked up for them all, it was actually a pretty good weekend. . . I’m still fairly exhausted, unfortunately, but the lack of a TV to watch after all the children were asleep assured early rest for this old man.

Oh yeah, TV. . . busted.  Same week the furnace went on the fritz . . . Guess I’ll just have to do without the evening watching of Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead. . . unless, of course, we just watch it downstairs. . . silly first world problems.

But yeah, kids were loving the Star Wars.  My son, in fact, spent most of the weekend saying Bada (Vader) as he just wanted to see more and more of the evil Sith Lord.  When Vader would appear on screen, he’d run up to the TV and point whilst shouting his new favorite word even louder. That was, of course, until we began watching ROTJ last night, in which he got to see Jabba the Hut. . . his favorite word then became Babba.  If only Jabba and Vader had shared some screen time, he would have busted a nut.

In the midst of all of this familial bliss, I began thinking about the future, more importantly, the house with some land that I keep envisioning being in my possession in the not too far off future.  And I determined the need for an annual event.  Star Wars Under the Stars.  Yep, whether my family wants it or not, I’ve decided we will have an annual marathon of the original (only) trilogy outside, perhaps projected on the side of a barn, and then have a bit of camping outdoors.  It will be epic, I will ensure it to be.

Perhaps with that, I could start a kickstarter to get the land and home?  Just for the event?


Maybe not. . .

It would go really well with my Millennium Falcon treehouse though.


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