Road Trip Fever

DSC_0704In case my recent posts haven’t given too much away, I’ve been finding myself in a bit of a state of longing for the road trips of my younger days.  As a child, my family would go on at least one yearly road trip, traveling upwards to 2500 miles to our destination.  As I got older, those trips would become more frequent.  In fact, their frequency seemed to get greater and greater up until the point that my wife and I welcomed our daughter into this world.  (Okay, we stopped a bit before that for fear that my wife’s decreased bladder size would make the trip unbearable for both of us).

Now, as mentioned recently, we’ve taken vacations.  Many of them, in fact, but there’s just something about that road that has been calling to me lately, something about the idea of not really knowing where you’re going to have your next meal at.  It could be a McDonald’s, sure, but it may just be some greasy dive that looks moderately appealing at the appropriate time.

And there’s so much more.  There’s always some crazy roadside attraction along the way, something that just calls out to you like a beautiful siren. . .

My wife and I have been discussing the possibilities of taking our children on their first road trip in the near future.  The rising cost of plane tickets has definitely made that seem like more of a possibility.  But our kids are still pretty darn young, meaning that most of this travel would end up being done during the night.  Adding the need for rest on the other end to that and you’re already out at least three days of the vacation just for travel time. . .

But the road beckons. . .

So, yeah, the road and I will probably not enjoy each other’s company to the extent either of us wish anytime soon, but there’s definitely something missing in both of our lives. . . each other. 😉

Perhaps the need to escape wouldn’t be nearly so bad if the weather outside weren’t so cold.  I miss being outside and not wearing fifteen layers.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for today.  Got a whole bunch of stuff to get done today.  We’re taking charge of three additional children for the majority of the weekend.  Should make for some interesting times.

Have a good one!


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