Too Tired for Words

I have finally reached the point in my year where my exhaustion has saturated my body to such a level that I just have no real ideas left in me.  Between trying to write a new book, constantly brain storming at work, and looking for new ways to amuse my children, the creativity center of my brain has decided to not function.

Whilst determining what fine subject to discuss in this space today, all I could do was picture the multiple times my children have run into door frames (or just walls) lately.  It’s a funny picture, but I couldn’t come up with any way to use it for a post.  But seriously though. . . they keep running into walls and door frames.  The door frame I kind of understand, they’re usually running away from something (me) at high speed and miscalculate their path.  And since they aren’t actually looking where they are going (because they want to make sure I haven’t gotten them yet), BAM!

But walls?  Seriously?  I mean, at least three times in the last 2 weeks I have had a child run smack into the middle of a wall. Three times!  I don’t get it.

Anyways, that’s how life has felt for me lately.  I’ve been running so fast  that I haven’t even had the opportunity to see where I’m headed.  And today I must have finally hit that wall.  I hit it so hard that I fell flat on my ass, just like my adorably clumsy children.

It’s not so cool. . .

So, yeah, I’m going to find some coffee to put in my coffee and hope that this mixture somehow does double the work, because my brain is having trouble finishing this sentence right now.

Have a good one.


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