The Igloo of my Future

I’ve tagged this under My Future House merely because I don’t see there being a time in my immediate future in which I’ll actually be able to perform this awesome act.

Ever since I moved to Wisconsin, I’ve had one project that keeps coming into mind every year as winter comes along.  Build a kick-ass snow paradise.  This includes an army of snow men, an extreme snow castle, an ice bar, and, of course, a livable igloo.

Beautiful ice
Beautiful ice

Turns out, there’s many folks out there who have decided as I have that too many wintery backyards are devoid of igloos.  The people who created this particular igloo have come up with something quite beautiful that I believe would be a fantastic addition to any Christmas lighting scheme.

Needless to say, I’m in love.  Now I just need some time to get out and make a million blocks of ice. . .


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