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For as far back as I can remember, I’ve had a love affair with touristy things.  My wife likes to make fun of my love of trying to visit places that have the “World’s Largest” whatevers.  For some reason she thinks that it goes in direct opposition with my rather ‘green’ ideals.

She’s probably right, but when I find out about another touristy place, I can’t help but immediately feel the need to add that location to my bucket list.

World's Largest Musky, Hayward, WI
World’s Largest Musky, Hayward, WI

Take this place, for instance.  Many years ago, before I moved to Wisconsin, I became aware that this thing existed.  This was before the internet held any form of useful information on such locales, so I really had no clue where it was, just that it existed.  Therefore, need to visit went on my list, right between World’s Largest Ball of Twine and the Cabazon Dinosaurs (which at that point were only known as “those dinosaurs in the movie The Wizard).

Fast forward many many years to the time I met my wife.  After we had been dating for a while, she invited me to come spend the Fourth of July weekend up at her father’s cabin, which just so happened to be just north of Hayward, WI.  This is how I knew that my finding her must have been kismet.  Low and behold, as we drove through the town, I became aware that the glory I had long waited to behold was within grasp.

It was actually at least a year later before I was able to revel my nerdy love for tourist traps and finally get to see this monstrous musky.  The six dollars each for entrance allowed us to not only walk into the mouth of the beast, but also go through a museum which contained many pieces of information that no living person should really care about, including the largest collection of outboard motors known to man.

It was heaven.

I keep trying to talk my wife into letting me take the kids there.

Anyways, I really had absolutely nothing to talk about, this is the best I came up with.  Any places you want to visit before you die that don’t fit on the normal person’s bucket list?


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