Ranking Update (#149!) and other randoms

As has become customary for my Monday posts, I figured I’d just give a few random thoughts quickly so as to get back to all the other things that are on my currently way too busy plate.

Even delicious cake can't make up for the fact that it's Monday :-(
Even delicious cake can’t make up for the fact that it’s Monday 😦

#1. THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is still on the rise.  As of this very moment (hold on, let me refresh. . .) it is ranked #149 on authonomy.com and still moving forward.  Every time I feel that I am certain to see the numbers stop ticking in the happy direction, more support comes in and we move further toward the top.

#2. My kids have been healthy for over a week now.  This means I am 100x more exhausted than usual, because they actually require some form of energy-expenditure, as opposed to just sitting around on the couch barely awake.  I believe the Germans would call this Schadenfreude.

#3. I met with my graphic designer last Thursday regarding the cover for Buddy.  Beers were had, discussions made, and overall I believe she has a basic grasp of something. . . I’m not sure what that something is, though.  I’m holding off on releasing who the designer is for the time being, as I’d love to do so with the reveal of the cover, giving her a bit more of a dramatic reveal than in a crappy list like this.

#4.  It’s still cold outside and I really don’t like it.

#5. My children love hunting around at pawn shops. . . obviously taking after their father on this, as it was a favorite past time of my childhood as well.  Lately we’ve been hunting for one specific item, which we just so happened to find, thanks to the addition of my wife to our hunting party.  I can officially log my nerd card, as I no longer have to rent Star Wars when I wish to see it.  For a series of movies that I’ve watched so many times, it’s odd that I’ve never actually owned them. . . it probably has something to do with the prohibitive cost related to them.  But, although they are the crappy super-special edition dvds, we now own the original trilogy.  I’ll begin training my children to close their eyes and ears at the appropriate locations, and have them remembering the Han shot first.

#6. I’m actually surprised I made it to number 6. . . I only had one list item in mind when I began writing. . . Anyways, what I believe to be the big item to talk about is that I have officially begun writing the sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, still tentatively titled THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL.  I was going to begin editing THE AGORA FILES, as mentioned not too long ago, but realized that my head was still stuck in the world of superheroes, and, well, I really wanted to start getting this on paper.  With a couple of false starts (meaning I’ve rewritten the opening chapter a couple of times now) I am currently just shy of 2,500 words written. . . nothing to get too excited about.  However, I’m starting to see how this moves forward through the loose synopsis I have written, and it’s looking to be a ton of fun.  I can’t wait to start showing it to all of you.


And with all of that, I’m taking a nap. . . I wish.


Have a good one!


Oh, and just remembered a quick #7: My daughter purchased her first comic books this weekend.  She’s been asking me to take her to “the place where you can buy comic books” for a could of weeks now.  She was very excited once she got there.  She wanted everything she saw.  In the end, she picked out four wonder woman books and refused to allow me to pay for them. So, six of her own dollars went to beginning her collection.  I’m a proud daddy.


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