Top 200! and writing. . .

As the title suggests, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is now in the top 200 spots on  In fact, it’s at #193 right at this very moment and continuing its climb at a much faster pace than I would have expected, especially considering my refusal to spam the world about it.  However, with that being said. . . if you were to want to give it some additional push onto the top spots, making an account and following a few simple rules (which I can let you know about) would go a long way toward getting me there.

from, click to be taken to the photographer's page.
from, click to be taken to the photographer’s page.

In other news, I’m finding myself somewhat depressed about writing.  I’ve got two books in the works (as well as the musical I can’t seem to get started) that I really want to get moving forward on.  In fact, I have so much of these two books swirling around in my head that my head itself has begun to swirl.  However, with the attention being paid to editing, work, life, and preparing THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO for publication, I’m finding it very difficult to even sit down a write a couple words here and there.  It makes me sad.  I’m so ready to get these books out, yet they end up falling to the wayside due to a lack of time.

The two books in question are the sequels to the two I’ve already written, but I’ve got a whole host of other books in the pipeline that randomly pop into my head for plot building.  So, I mean, in reality, I’ve got a whole bookshelf trying to organize itself in my head right now and no time to get any of it out on paper.

I don’t even really have time right now to write this post, but feel like I need to get some words out before getting pulled back into the mundaity (mundanity?) of everything else.  So, with that being said. . . this is where I’m at.  Some day these words will be allowed to flow much more freely. . . today, however, they are stuck flying around the confines of my brain, wishing to hit my fingertips.


So, yeah, back to work.  Have a good one.


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