That’s not Logical

In my day job, you know, the one that pays the bills, I have basically become Technical Support, although my job description doesn’t really near that process at all.  Within the confines of “Tech Support” many things come my way merely because they involve a computer.  I can generally morph them into something that falls more within the confines of what my job is actually supposed to be, but not without having to walk people through some very basic concepts of logical thinking.  320x240

This has caused me to realize that all of the trainings I have attended which teach one how to reach a solution obviously have purpose within any work atmosphere.  I had long assumed that most people could use logical thinking, in some small way, to reach a conclusion.  You know, start at point a, determine what point b would need to be, in order to get to point c.  Instead, more often than not, they have a vague concept of what point a might be, find the simplest method for point b to work without them needing to put time into doing point b, in order to reach some weird hazy glimmer of point c.

Although I may have found my 3 day training which basically taught me to determine business requirements fully before even discussing solutions to be tedious, there is an obvious need.


I mean, I totally understand the fact that people work in different ways, and I’m trying not to complain about the differences in how people approach an issue, but this seems to me to be a rather basic concept. I mean, incredibly basic.  This is the kind of stuff I’m teaching my three year old daughter for goodness sake.  She has a need, she determines what that need is, she comes up with a plan on how to attain what she needs, then she acts.  If she finds a shorter way while developing her plan, she’ll take that.

For example. . . She’s hungry.  She sees a cookie on the counter, out of reach.  She determines she wants the cookie.  She tries reaching up to get the cookie to no avail, as that’s the simplest approach, although possibly requiring the most work from her.  Since that doesn’t work, she develops a new plan, finds something to stand on, brings it to the counter, gets the cookie, all while ensuring neither I or my wife have seen her process.

The people I am currently discussing, if they were to approach the hunger issue in the same way they approach their work troubles, would basically have this approach.  A. I’m hungry.  B. Tell mom to go to the store and get me something tasty that I have no clue what it is.


In other words, although I understand that this does mostly come down to the fact that people approach things differently, it also makes people appear to be much more helpless than they should be.  That’s a dangerous thing in any business.

So, yeah. . . that’s a mostly whiny post, I know.  I just find myself wishing that people had a better grasp on how to approach an issue and develop a solution.  Although, I suppose as long as they don’t, I’ve got some job security.

Aaaand. . . just got pinged again about something just as silly.  Back to work.



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