Superpowers Activate!

As you may be aware, I have a bit of an interest in superheroes.  This modicum of interest has been around for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps it’s due to the limitless abilities that can be expressed throughout these tales of people with extraordinary powers. . . or so I thought.

The super-smart people over at Pop Chart Lab developed this print a number of years ago (I’m too lazy to find out, but it’s been sitting in my NEED! folder for over a year now) which shows that there is a limit to what super powers one can possess, and they are all laid out on this super-big print, available for a mere $27 (hint hint).

This omnibus of amazing talents would go well on the wall of any of your favorite authors who write about the subject of heroes with spectacular special-ness.

For real.

You know. . . anyone you might now who likes superheroes enough to write a series of books about them. . .

Perhaps someone who is writing this sentence you’re reading right now?


Alright, fine.  Anyways, in other news, The Legend of Buddy Hero is now ranked #229 on!  That’s right.  We’re currently flying through the ranks at a speed I could only express if I had a giant print describing all the different types of super-speed (am I getting heavy handed here?)  It’s a pretty awesome time.

Also, nearing completion of the ebook for Buddy.  It shall be available before you even have time to think about it.  And. . . did I mention it will be FREE! for the foreseeable future?  That’s right.  I mean, when it comes out, all you’ll have to do is hit a button on your computer screen and it will be yours, no money required!

So, yeah, you probably could all get 27 bucks together to repay me or something, right? 😉

Seriously though, if I end up with 30 of these on my doorstep next week, I’m going to feel like quite the ass.


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