Cold as. . . Hell?

If hell is more of a personal torture than a fiery lake and whatnot, my hell would definitely be a cold one, and, much like the weather currently in Wisconsin.  I mean seriously, it’s “damned” cold out there.  (Like that?)

A cold day in history
A cold day in history

Unlike the above photo, this is not a day to hang out and play in the snow (not that we actually have snow to play in, it’s just ice).  It’s a day to hunker down indoors and hide from the howling winds. . . well, they’re not exactly howling today, but frigid, for sure.

Unfortunately, today is a work day and I had to get the kids out to school.  Needless to say, neither were too excited about the walk to the car.  My daughter covered her face as she walked, my son, not knowing how to fully express his anger over the situation, just kept angrily yelling “CRACKER!”.  I know this had nothing to do with crackers themselves, because he had one in his hand that we was trying to eat at the same time.

Since I hadn’t managed to start the car before the 30 foot trek to the driveway, these reactions continued for most of the ride to school, and the walk into school. . . and for a few minutes after we had entered the wonderfully warm confines of the school.

It’s cold.

In other news, my rise on is continuing quite steadily.  I’ve hit what they generally consider the doldrums of the 200s, but seem to keep moving onward.  As of right this very moment, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is ranked at #241, almost up 60 points from last Wednesday.  I should get another 10 higher in the next 24 hours, so, yeah, been a pretty good week on that front.

And heck, THE AGORA FILES is now up to #2579, from the #3739 it was at last Wednesday.  That’s over 1000 ranks in less than a week.

Speaking of THE AGORA FILES, today marks the official beginning to the big edit process on that book.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Also, going to be meeting with my cover designer soon so we can start moving towards setting a release date for THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.

Happy days all around.

And with that, I’ve got quite the workload ahead of me.  So, yeah, have a good one!


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