Lawn Scrabble

So, I’ve been slowly developing my plans for my future home.  A home that I intend to build on a giant plot of land, allowing me the opportunity to create all sorts of fun things everywhere.  Unfortunately, my giant Millennium Falcon tree house looks to be several years off.  Yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye out for cool ideas on other things I can do when I finally do find the space to do it in.

One such things I’ve found in my searchings is Lawn Scrabble.


Obviously I love words.  It’s something I spend a great deal of my time laboring over.  And although my mom has the nasty habit of continually beating me, Words With Friends has been a welcome addition to my daily life, allowing me to enjoy playing Scrabble, which I haven’t done for way too long of a time.

However, the idea of having a giant board with which to play such a game outside in the sun, well, that just seems too perfect, and appropriately nerdy.  Sure, the long Wisconsin winters will make this something that will be unusable for a majority of the year, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

So. . . if you would like to see some Lawn Scrabble in your near future, please feel free to donate to my new house fund.  You’ll be invited to play the first game.

Found here: Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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