I’m in the top 300!

721257509_cc511f3cc5I had wanted to announce this yesterday, but already had the whole Walking Dead article mostly laid out, and figured that I should have some non-writing related content on here every once in a while.  However, as of yesterday morning, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO is ranked in the top 300 books on authonomy.com.  Considering the fact that I was amazed to have made it into the top 1000, I’m pretty happy about this occurrence.  And, the rise isn’t stopping.  As of this writing, Buddy is actually ranked at #291 and gaining new supporters as the days go by.  I even have the promise of over a handful of new supporters by the end of the month (seeing as the top five get picked up for review by Harper Collins at the end of each month)

It’s things like this which make me even more confident about the impending re-release of the book, due to come about very soon (in fact, I finished my final edit yesterday).  I’ve got someone signed on to make a shiny new cover for the book, and, well, a whole host of ideas on how to market this puppy to the masses.

And even better news for all of you who are anxious to get your hands on a copy of this gem of a title. . . it will be free.  For the indefinite future, THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO will be offered as a free ebook.  Paperback options are due to come at some point, but I’m not pursuing them at this point.  So, all you people who have ereaders will easily be able to get this puppy loaded up on your brand new Christmas toy and have it sit there for forever (this joke is a reference to the study which states that the majority of people who own e-readers don’t actually read the books they have on them).

Also rapidly rising on the ranks of authonomy is my second book, THE AGORA FILES, only a week into its debut on the site and already at #3739 (as of this writing).  That’s a rise of about 500 ranking spots a day (if being somewhat generous in your averaging).

And, on top of all that, looks like I’m taking on a much larger role in the cast of HONK!, which I’ll be appearing in on March 1-3 at The State Theatre in Eau Claire, WI.  Due to some casting issues, I’ll now be taking on 3 of the main male roles in the show, putting me in a somewhat frightening position where my first foray back onto the stage will now be a whole lot more work than I had expected.  I’m excited for the challenge, but my voice is wondering why I have suddenly decided to sing so much.

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty good week so far.  And, things are just looking up.  So. . . now to enter Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest.  Let’s hope things keep going the way they’ve been.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a good one.


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