When The Dead Walk

walking_dead_one_sheet_posterSo, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably well aware of AMC’s fantastic series THE WALKING DEAD.  It’s a really great look at a world dealing the the zombie apocalypse.  I mean, you get a detailed vision of this future, as opposed to most movies, where you just get an example of how a group of survivors make it out of one area.

They folks are trying to not only survive, but to live.

Now, what you may not be aware of is that this is based on a series of comic books that goes by the same name.  I’m not really certain how I missed this one.  I was deep in collecting mode when the series started, but I guess the capes outshone this black and white fare.

Since my wife loves to try to get me new comics to read every once in a while, and thought this might be a series she could actually dig her teeth into, so as to finally pop her comic cherry, I received the majority of the series for Christmas in the form of their two giant compendiums.

I have already finished them.

As is true with most adaptations, the tv series does stray from the source material in many ways.  The odd thing is, I’m not entirely sure why they do in several of the examples.  I mean, the stories stay the same, for the most part, just different people get effected by them.

Anyways, besides the point, the point is, if you want to find a comic series to get into, I would highly recommend THE WALKING DEAD.  If you’re not one to read comics, there may be a bit of shellshock, especially considering this isn’t colored.  But, the stories are much more grounded.  These stories are about real people.  They don’t have superpowers, they don’t have special gifts, they’re just barely surviving in a world which aims to kill them.

AND, most importantly, there’s some fantastic character development that occurs (which viewers of the TV series should be aware of).  This isn’t a situation where each month’s comic starts with the same characters the series started with, no, the characters change.  Not only do the characters change in their personalities, due to a response to what is happening around them, but the actual cast changes quite heavily over the series, something that I think other series would be afraid to do.  By the end of the second compendium, I believe there’s only three people left from the original group. . . and they’re all much more worse for wear.

Anyways, it’s a great series, containing some writing that is far superior to most comic book fare, and it works well as something to read alongside the tv series, as although they are similar, there’s a whole bunch of things going on in the comics that never made it to the TV. . . at least not yet.

That is all 🙂


Have a good one.


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