Self-pubbing Anxieties

UntitledSome of the more faithful readers of this site will be aware that a little over a year ago, I put THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO up for sale on a number of online sites.  I had tired of the process of looking for agents/publishers and decided that I would just put the damned thing out on the market and see where the wind would take me.

Those who are even more faithful would be aware that not even a month later I took the sucker down after hearing some of the book being read aloud.  Although the person who had done the reading managed to pick the worst writing in the entire thing, and, since he was unaware that this was a book written by me (a poor effort in cover design led to there being no author name showing), he read the selection in a very mocking tone; I just lost all confidence in the work.

I mean, the section he read was crap, there’s no doubt about it.  It’s better now, a helluva lot better.  The whole book is a helluva lot better now.  Yet. . . I’m still feeling that tinge of doubt.

Now that I’m out on, I’m spending a lot of time talking with other authors about their process.  These are folks who have had just about as much experience as me at writing (if not less) and are happily putting their works up for public consumption.  They know that their novels aren’t polished, in fact, they continue to edit them to get them closer.  Yet, they have their work out there.  And, although they aren’t raking in dough by any means, they are growing a following.  Whereas I. . . am not.

I have given up on the prospects of finding an agent through traditional means.  I know that there’s just too much guess work on the parts of all parties involved to ever find someone who can properly represent my book without putting a helluva lot of time in, time that I’d rather spend writing.  And, to be honest, the likelihood that I’ll see any real form of income coming through an agent’s process is still pretty darn small, from everything I read.  The only difference would be that if they were able to find me an actual publisher, the publisher would ensure the thing gets edited.  If I go it myself. . . I have to pay the editor.  That gets pricey.

I’m going to self-pub.  I know that’s my current direction.  Yet, I find myself fearing putting out a low-quality work and thereby losing potential fans only because I didn’t have someone else run through it with a fine-toothed comb.

And it’s dumb.  I want to write.  I love writing.  I’ve got a billion other titles I want to get to work on.  Instead I keep fretting over this first book and haven’t even touched the second one in over 6 months.

So, it is with all that in mind that I’m stating I will be putting Buddy Hero back on the market very soon.  I want to finish my current edits, as I have a number of minor notes I want to incorporate.  However. . . after that, I’m done.  The book will be back for sale.

Date will be determined soon.

So, if you’re eagerly anticipating your own copy of THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO (especially the current version which is a billion times better than the old one), just know. . . it’s almost complete.  Be excite.

That is all.  I’ve got a lot of editing to get to.

Have a good one.


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