Acting (revisited)

HONK! circa a-long-time-ago
HONK! circa a-long-time-ago

So. . . it’s been a long time since I’ve done any form of legitimate performing.  I mean, sure, my life is a performance, blah blah blah.  And, of course, I’m constantly on performance duty for my children, trying to keep them all happy and whatnot.  However. . . I haven’t been on a stage, haven’t been in front of people at all, for over 4 years now.  Four years ago, I would have thought that to be insane.

I mean, there was a time in which performing was all I wanted to do.  As I’ve gotten older, other things have gotten in the way of performing.  Part of it was life, another part is this growing anti-social behavior I seem to be exhibiting. . . must be part of being a writer.

Anyways, for some crazy reason, my wife aided in convincing me that I should audition for the upcoming production of HONK! being put on by the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre.  I’m a few hours away from knowing for a fact that I made the cut, but, seeing as they have already posted their need for more actors for this production, I have a pretty confident feeling that I’m in.

Which brings me to an entirely new position. . . one I haven’t been in for a while.  I’m actually kinda nervous.  There was a time in which being on stage was one of the most comfortable places for me.  Everything was rehearsed (and the parts that weren’t were exciting) and whether the audience enjoyed us or not, we usually got accolades just based on people not wanting us to feel we did poorly.

But I’m rusty, I’m old, and I’m a tad more aware of my short-comings than I was as a younger man.  Hell. . . I’m not even sure I can memorize things anymore.  I mean, I remember the exact details of a conversation had three weeks ago, but remembering the words that are supposed to come out of an anthropomorphic frog’s mouth (or duck, or cat, or whatever). . . I just don’t know.

All the same, I am also pretty excited.  I’m curious to see how my old man brain reacts to the return to the stage.  I’m also anxious to see what part(s) (if any) I got. . . which should be revealed in a few hours time (maybe).

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see me make a complete ass out of myself (you know, more than the half-an-ass I normally make of myself), you best be getting ready to buy some tickets to see HONK! in March.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.


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