How I Spent my New Year’s Eve

735763_10100313144139026_1086178083_oSince becoming a certified “grown-up” I have found myself having rather lame New Year’s Eve activities.  Up until a little over a year ago, all of my previous New Year’s Eves (in remembered history, of course) had been loud, raucous, and, well, lasted at least until the New Year actually came around.  The last two iterations of this holiday, however. . .

Well, I was asleep by 10, I’m pretty darn certain.  But come on, being a parent is exhausting.  After another year of it is over, I think I’m due a little bit of extra sleep.

Ugh. . . I’m old.

Anyways, outside of the fact that my age is showing quite rapidly, I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve with the family.  We had spent the majority of the previous month locked in the house together, between family events and the daycare being closed.  We were all getting a little cabin-feverish.  The kids were exhausted from late nights, but fidgety due to lack of active activities.  Me and the wife were both just exhausted and over-stressed, to say the least.  We were seriously considering staying home yet another night and just having a wonderful dinner prepared by my amazingly awesome chef of a wife (check out for more info 🙂 )

Luckily, we were ill-prepared for such a thing, as our refrigerator was beginning to look rather bare, so, instead, we decided to leave the house for dinner.  And since we were already leaving the house, we figured the least we could do was partake in at least one of the many activities going on around town for the occasion.  Since all of us, except the boy, of course, had received a sparkling new pair of ice skates from Santa, the New Year’s Eve party at the nearby skating rink sounded like a perfect fit (pictured above).

We by no means lasted long.  Between mine and my wife’s backs wanting to give out from holding the daughter up (her first time on a pair of skates), the daughter’s legs tiring quickly from the amount of flailing they were doing, and the son quickly turning redder than a screaming fat man; we were all ready to leave within about an hour of getting there.  Fun was had, however.  All of us, I believe, had a good time.  The son would give out little “Whee”‘s as I sped him around on the ice while he rode in his stroller.  The daughter, while in the midst of trying to regain her footing, would look up at me (which made her attempts at standing that much more difficult, I believe) and yell “This is fun, Dad!”  It was a great time.

But my favorite event of the evening was yet to come.  After a short discussion about where everyone wanted to have dinner, it was decided to try some place most of us had never tried, and the one of us who had (me) hadn’t in over a decade, Godfather’s Pizza.  The kids, who were well ready for sleep, did not start out the best.  They were running around (which I mostly allowed, due to the emptiness of the restaurant), they were yelling, but mostly, they were just trying to keep from falling asleep.  But when the food came, all of a sudden, the family effect came back.  We were no longer all pissed at each other from being locked in a house too long.  We were a family enjoying some okay food at a goofy establishment.  And we were happy.  It was perfect.

That’s how I rang in the new year, and I’m pretty happy about it.


Hope yours was as good or better.


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