Sick Day Part 57

2012-12-14 09.35.30My family seems to be in a constant state of illness nowadays. . . Not cool.  Today is my daughter’s turn to be struck with the plague.  She is currently chilling in the couch in my office watching The Muppets while cuddled up under her quilt (pictured). 

Luckily she’s not actually feeling all that ill, just down with a fever, and a complained about upset stomach (although the way she’s plowing through them Cheerios, one wouldn’t be able to tell).

All the same, the sicknesses just don’t seem to stop this year.  As it is, I need to stop by the express care center to get some anti-biotics prescribed for me, as my pink eye has officially stayed around longer than should be possible for a viral infection. . . Ugh.

So, anyways, it’s a very good thing that I was extra productive yesterday, as I am getting to play nurse for my young one all day.  I’ll still be busy with work, as my workload keeps getting larger, but any extra fun will be delayed.

Just hoping she gets better in time for the Christmas parade and whatnot happening tomorrow. I need to get out of the house. . .

Oh, in other news, the final edits on THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO are going swimmingly.  I’m hoping to be able to make some official announcements regarding this sometime soon.


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