‘Tis the Season

2012-12-01 15.39.31Christmas is coming up quick and although my wife has been doing a great job in ensuring we are prepared as a family for the holidays. . . I am not anywhere near there.  I haven’t purchased a single thing for my wife.  And. . . on top of that, I still have no clue what I’m actually going to get her.  She’s given me a couple of ideas, I have a couple more on top of that.  Unfortunately I’m just not a super-rich dude and can’t get her everything.

That makes me a little sad. . .

Anyways, just realized this morning that I absolutely have to complete the Christmas shopping process for her very soon.

AND. . . on top of that, I offered to create a costume closet for my daughter which would house all her princess attire and allow her a fancy place to get dressed and whatnot.  Haven’t even designed that sucker yet!

So, either I have 13 days to get my crap together and pull all of this off. . . or, I have to really hope the Mayans were right.

Perhaps I should get to work.

However, on the other hand. . . we did get the Christmas tree up super early, I have the Christmas lights hung on the front of the house, we have a heckuva lot of presents already purchased, AND the kids have already sat with Santa THREE times this year!  Maybe I can just slack off for another couple of days?




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