Contagion again

I know I’ve talked about this on here before, but I have yet again received the deathly daycare plague that seems to always be at any daycare.  Stupid kids. . .

Seriously.  It’s only a combination of pink eye and a cold, but I have spent the last five days barely consolable, no matter how much medication.

Today my wife finally convinced me to go see a doctor and make sure that I wasn’t going to lose my eyesight or something.  They, of course, just gave me a list of OTC medicines that should ease my whining.

So, here I sit. . . waiting for the medication to kick in. . . hoping upon hope that my head either deflates or finally explodes in the manner it’s been threatening to do since Thanksgiving.

Please. . .


Anyways, so, not doing too much of worth today.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be spending the rest of my afternoon in a cold medicine coma.  Fingers crossed. . .


have a good one.


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