Tuesdays with. . .

. . . nobody really.  I mean, my wife’s around, but she’s in meetings and stuff.

Sorry I’ve been AWOL lately.  I’ve been working really hard on some minor revisions to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO, based on feedback I’ve been getting on authonomy (a place you should really go to read a ton of books for free, and, you know, back me while you’re there).

I’ve also been focusing pretty heavily on promoting/selling the book, as 10 out of 10 readers so far agree that it’s pretty darn close to gold.  Granted all of those readers are either close family or on the authonomy site (which means they’re hoping I’ll give them good marks as well).  All the same, it’s a pretty darn good read, even if it’s apparently something no agent in their right mind wants to touch. . . gathering from the responses I’ve been receiving so far.

Anyways, none of that matters.  Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  I’m excited.  Thanksgiving is up there for favorite holiday in my mind.  Something about the concept of eating way too much food and then just vegging out for the rest of the weekend appeals to me.  Sure, some people are super crazy (like my mother) and get up way too early the following day to go to the yearly edition of Wal-Mart Fight Club, but I tend to ignore all that, except for catching the highlight reel on SportsCenter.

Even more importantly, I’ve got two awesome kids and an amazing wife to spend it with.  Any time I get to spend time away from this desk and just hang out with my family is totally worthwhile and makes my heart lighter.  That’s especially necessary right now as I receive e-mail after e-mail telling me that I’m just not quite worth people’s while (or, more than likely, hell no I don’t want your damned book).

So, yeah, I’m excited for my extended weekend and upcoming tryptophan coma.  I hope you and yours are preparing for a long weekend of bird induced unconsciousness.


Have a good one.


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