Election Day – A Post-Mortem

I really have very little to say about election day, except. . . I really don’t hold much for party membership.  I think both sides have some serious issues, and even more than that, I think that the fact we have two parties and only two parties is killing our country.

But, with that being said. . . this is the first election day I’ve spent away from my wife and the Dems kinda swept it for us.  Obviously the democrats didn’t come away awesomely from everything, but all of the spots we could vote for here took the dem side (I’m pretty certain, didn’t look super closely).  The reason I’m sad is that normally she’s bitching about how each Republican win means our country will explode.  This year, well, I’d think it would have been a happier experience.

And I’ve barely talked to her since it all happened.

Anyways, with all that being said, I’m pretty happy with the re-election of Obama.  Sure, there may be some issues, perhaps tons (although I’m doing a helluva lot better financially, and otherwise, than I was 4 years ago), but I firmly believe that Romney would have gutted this nation in ways that would have been atrocious.

But, that’s enough political talk. . . life is going pretty swimmingly.  I’m at home alone with the kids this week, which is keeping me pretty darn busy, so I really don’t have much for excitement to talk about.

However, since you’re warmed up with voting and all that, why don’t you go vote for Buddy Hero at authonomy.  Just go here: http://authonomy.com/books/47832/the-legend-of-buddy-hero/

It’s really easy. . .


Have a good one.


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