Querying Sucks

So, as previously noted, I have restarted the query process for THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  As opposed to the 4 previous times I have queried, between the two books (really just 2 times, but I had pauses in the middle of both), there’s no eagerness abounding, just anxiety.  I think the excitement of the moment has waned because of the fact that I have truly poured myself into the process this time, putting my heart into it. . . and I fear it still may not be good enough.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just the whole issue with focusing on sending this out to people who are incapable of responding immediately (I stupidly didn’t think about the fact that the entire east coast is under attack by the weather) which is causing me distress.

What I do know is that I really need to get to work on something new.   Writing is what eases my heart.  Unfortunately that’s just not going to happen today, between querying, working, and, you know, constantly checking my e-mail :-).

Amusingly enough, my brain keeps going to the movie Funny Farm. This is more than likely due to the combination of the fact that we’re looking at buying a house with some land (for some minimal farming), that Chevy Chase’s character was an aspiring novelist, and that his wife’s book was about squirrels.  All the same, I keep seeing this scene from the movie where Chevy goes mad with rage, insomuch as to toss his wife’s manuscript into the fire (facts may not be entirely factual as I’m going from ancient memory).  This rage of his keeps playing out in my head, the anger of trying to do something and seeing things getting in the way time and time again.

He did become a sports writer at the end of that film. . . unfortunately I’m not so big on sports.

All the same, my brain is stuck in a lame spot at the moment as I work on my scheme to sell my book to someone.  So, I have absolutely nothing of interest to write here.  WHich, of course, is so far different from what’s usually here, right?


Have a good one.


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