Halloween – A Retrospective

I suppose it’s possible that not many people are aware that yesterday was Halloween.  I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’m suppose it might be.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite (probably really my favorite) holidays.  Now that I have kids of my own, the enjoyment factor of the day is multiplied by somewhere around a billion (unit of measurement of enjoyment unknown).

Last night was no real exception, although got a bit painful at times.  We had two different segments of trick or treating last night.  The downtown area (which is all of about 3 feet from our back door) had their own little trick-or-treating session early in the afternoon, so we went to that first.  By the time the kids got done with that, they were already soooo exhausted.

Yet, after dinner, and a little convincing on my behalf, we made it out to do some real door-to-door trick or treating.

After about a half hour, both kids were already tripping over themselves, which means we probably should have been calling it quits, but, well, I love me some trick-or-treating, so we continued on.  Then my daughter had a tragic fall (while we were tending to a minor tumble my son had).  She fell down the concrete front steps of one house.  Time stopped.  Both parents (me and my wife) ran toward her at faster than light speeds.  I had to stop half way and get back to tending to my still injured son.  I could have sworn I heard a head cracking open as she fell.

It would appear that no serious injuries were obtained, but it was a tragic moment.  Both kids crying, my daughter ready to be done for the night, and both parents thinking, “But, it’s Halloween!”

The son was ready to roll, he was running from house to house, saying “PWEEE” as loud as possible as he struggled to hold up his over-flowing bucket of candy (he’s about 16 months now, only strong enough to hold a couple handfuls of candy at a time).  The daughter, however, was ready to be done.  I finally convinced her to continue on, but she wanted stroller rides between houses.

This continued for a while, her riding for about 3 feet before getting up and running to the next door, until I finally stated we were going to be done if she was going to keep riding.  She agreed to the terms and stayed in the stroller for the next few houses as we made our way back, the rest of the kids filling their buckets and bags further (we were with a small group).

Then she couldn’t resist any longer, she had to get up, she had to run, she had to get candy.  She was all over the place, the only kid more crazed for candy was her brother.

It was amazing.

This morning, however, was a bit more like every movie about Nazi Germany ever as I dropped them off at daycare.  Screams of “Daddy!” as she was held by her teacher, arms stretching toward me like I was being pulled away for forever rang down the halls as I left.

I felt like a deserter.

All because of the love of candy.


Have a good one.


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