Commence Phase 3 (third try)

So, it finally happened (again).  I completed the revisions on Buddy Hero (again).

Things went swimmingly and the final few chapters are much more exciting than in the previous versions, giving a real payoff to the readers.  And so much more gets set up in those final chapters that I had never known how to include in the previous ones, making me all the more ready to start working on book two in the series.  Unfortunately, it’s not time for that right now.

It’s time to start querying! (again!)

I’ve already started the process.  I’m going a completely different way with the letter this time, trying to focus on the action of the story, as opposed to all the details that it was getting bogged down with before.  AND since the first few chapters are now so brilliant, if I can get them to actually read them, I think my chances are better than ever to get requests for material.

Of course, this is all the start of querying high that I have felt every time (5 times now?) I’ve started querying.

All the same, I’m going to ride the high, as I feel like I should have a moment to enjoy myself before the inevitable low. . .

Gotta run.

Have a good one!


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