Hump Day

The week seems to be finally falling into line, it appears.  Although, exhaustion still reigns supreme.

However, I’m beginning to feel once again caught up on everything, even if I have a mountain of leaves accumulating on my lawn which I haven’t even yet begun to touch.

All the same, I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  The revisions on Buddy Hero are getting mighty close to completed (less than 20,000 words left to comb through) and I’m pretty darn happy with all I’ve accomplished with this revision.  The house is almost back to where it was on Friday when I left it.  And my workload at work is starting to lighten. . . somewhat.  Although I’m still stuck working way more than my intended 40 (which is the primary reason I’m so exhausted).

Anyhoo, life is getting back to some semblance of normal, my kids are starting to get caught up on sleep, although this morning was still a little rough.  My wife appears to be getting somewhat closer as well, although I think I interact with her less and less as work requires more and more of her.

But, none of that matters.  It’s hump day, and it feels like I’m nearing the top of the hump.  Halloween comes this weekend (although technically not until next week) and I’m excited to take my kids out to have some fun, followed by taking my wife out to have some more fun.  All that means, of course, that I will end this weekend being even more exhausted than I already am. . . but that’s what the weekend’s for, right?

God I feel old. . .

Have a good one!


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