Weddings and Princesses

Gotta make this one quick, as I’ve got a little mini-trip ahead of me as we head out to Green Bay for the wedding of a friend.

My daughter is extremely excited, of course, since she’s the flower girl *ahem* princess, for the event.

So, yeah, craziness abounds.  But, lucky for all of us, this weekend marks the end of the crazy busy weekends for the season, I believe.  Only thing left to do is cozy up and prepare for another long Wisconsin winter.

Boy am I excited.  I’m tired. . . very tired.

Anyways, revisions on Buddy Hero are coming along awesomely.  I’m over 2/3rds of the way done and I fully believe that I should be able to complete this round of revisions by the end of the week next week. . . barring any unforeseen busy-ness, such as raking up the mountain of leaves accumulating on my lawn.

Then begins another short round of querying, followed up with the reading of The Agora Files and beginning the revision process on that.

Sometimes I wonder why I consider these things the fun parts of my day. . .

Anyhoo, gotta go pick up the kids soon so they can get in the car and immediately fall asleep.  Fingers crossed.

Have a good one.


Oh, yeah, figured that I should actually link to the authonomy page for me.  I’m moving up the ranks pretty fast, would love any additional boosts I can get, so if you wanted to sign up and put me on your bookshelf (back my book), add me to your watchlist, and/or comment on the thing, I’d greatly appreciate it.  Just head here:  You’ll have to get an account and whatnot to actually help, but you can take a look at the updated work if you wish and not have to get an actual account.



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