Technical Difficulties

I’ve long been considered something of a techie-type person.  In the past I’ve held positions where my main job was to troubleshoot technical issues with computers and whatnot.

I have something to admit.  Something that many “techie-type” people have admitted over the years, but for some reason has never really caught on.

I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing.  Sure, I have a basic grasp of techie language, so when a button is labeled WPS, I kinda understand what that button might be for.  However, I’m still just randomly pressing that button to see what it will do.

Last night, while setting up for a long night of working overtime, I lost my internet connection.  This wasn’t too crazy, as it’s been acting up for a little while now.

I went through my normal process, trying to press the right buttons in the right order so that I would get my expected result.


The three hours I had intended on spending logged into work was spent troubleshooting an issue that I already had the answer to.  I needed to replace my router.  It was a cheap, used, router when I got it, it wasn’t too crazy to believe that it would need to be replaced.  Hell, I’ve known I needed to replace it since pretty soon after I got it, but I didn’t want to admit that it was crap.

So, yeah, by around 9 o’clock last night, the time in which I was really hoping to settle down and perhaps actually get to bed early, I was heading out into the world to Wal-Mart. . . ugh.  I hate Wal-Mart almost as much as I hate working overtime.

Anyways, that trip was pretty uneventful, I got home, plugged everything in and my work computer immediately got connected and voila, I was able to work.

Then my wife told me her computer wasn’t connecting. . .

I didn’t spend too much time on that last night, because it was already 10 by the time I got logged on, and I really needed to work, but I finally got that fixed this morning.  However, once that was completed, I finally got down to my personal computer. . . also not happy with the new router.

Finally, after hours of work, everything is connected and working.  The only issue is, I really have no clue why they didn’t just work right off the bat.  I just pushed buttons and rebooted until things happened.  Now I just have to hope everything holds together for the foreseeable future.

We’ll see.

Unfortunately, this would appear to be very similar to the method in which I write. Push buttons, see what works.  😦

Have a good one.


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