I am currently in the midst of a mandatory overtime requirement at work.  I hate it.

There have been more than a handful of times in which I’ve been put in a situation where my employer as required me to work more hours than our standard agreement of 40.  Every time this happens, I get angry.  Really angry.  Both at my employer and at the governmental regulations that allow this to be a thing.

I realize that there’s a lot that goes into this whole concept.  Things like the fact that Wisconsin is an at-will employment state, which, of course, means they can fire me for pretty much whatever they want.  I also realize that there’s a wonderful federal (I’m pretty sure it’s federal) mandate to pay employees more if they work longer than a 40 hour workweek.  And I realize that this is in place as a way of protecting employees due to the horrible working conditions that occurred so long ago.

But what I don’t understand is that I have to succumb to my employer’s will because they did not have the foresight enough to understand what workload was going to apply to their lower-level staff in the future, nor have they had the hindsight to just hire a ton of workers and take care of business.

No, instead they work slowly, hoping they can fix this by throwing as much crap at it as possible, while giving me a pittance more than I normally make, all the while cutting into my personal time.

And, of course, they don’t have to give me an overtime pay if I don’t work more than forty hours in a week, so if I take off a day, I don’t make anything extra, even though I still have to work the 8 mandatory hours.

I know I’m whining, and I know I generally try to keep from doing so here, but I’ve been really annoyed about this concept lately.  I’m working someone else’s job, because someone they work for wasn’t prepared for the amount of work they needed to do.  THis is a job I despised when I was doing it, yet I’m forced to come back to it, during the time I normally get to spend playing with my children and enjoying my wife’s company, all because of their lack of management skills.

And there’s nothing I can actually do about it.

In fact, I would imagine that they would have more than enough reason to fire me just for writing this.

I hate that employers are in charge.  It seems that the skilled workers should have some sort of say in their own lives.  But, of course, there aren’t enough jobs over here (seeing as we’re shipping them all overseas), so they can always hire someone else if I won’t play by their rules.

When I began working at my place of employment, it was even stated during my training that employees should be certain to never mention the word unionize.  Knowing what I know now, that was a comment made specifically by that trainer and is in no way an official part of the training process.  But that anyone could be afraid of even talking about unionizing within a corporation. . .

I don’t even like unions, seeing as they have a tendency to run askew of their actual intentions, but I think the basic concept of having the workers band together to get what they want out of the company that they sweat for. . . well, it’s a good thing.

I understand the concept of helping your company out, I truly do.  I want my company to succeed, obviously.  However, I don’t want to allow poor management skills to go unnoticed.

I’ve worked for many different businesses in my life.  There’s only been one that I’ve ever been forced to work overtime for.  There’s only been one that has consistently been so backlogged as to have their employees seemingly always on mandatory overtime requirements.

This is an abuse.

I’m not saying that situations like this should be compared to the working conditions of coal miners back in the whenevers.  I am saying, however, that people have become too willing to allow their occupations to run their lives.  It’s sickening.  Our job should be a supplement to our lives, not the other way around.

I don’t know. . . I’m just really tired.  And I can’t complain too much.  I’m capable of working my overtime from the comfort of my bed, if I wish.  It just pisses me off to see the little guy have so little power.  Especially considering they are the ones who make these companies successful.  (Not me. . . I don’t make anyone successful anymore 🙂 )
Have a good one.


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