Crazy Busy

It is impossible how crazy busy my life has been lately.  Between weddings, vacations, and visiting family (not to mention the basics of preparing for the long Wisconsin winter), I’ve felt as though I haven’t had any real time lately.  I know I’ve mentioned this many times here before, but after the weekend I just had, I feel the need to express it again.

It doesn’t help that my employer is currently enacting mandatory overtime measures against me. . . as if I have time for overtime.

But I’m fitting it all in, getting everything done, and still managing to manage my household, prepare for the winter (although that one is way behind where it should be) and, surprisingly enough, continue moving forward on my author-ish efforts.

I’ve been flying through the revision process of Buddy Hero, and as has been mentioned here a few times previously, the effort is paying off.  I believe I have a much better book than I started with already, and I’m only a third of the way through the process.

I’m also now up on authonomy, attempting to build some rapport, as well as hopefully gain some useful criticism.  I haven’t been able to spend quite as much time on the site as it would appear I should, but I’ve been moving up the ranks at a fair clip, and getting some interesting comments.  I know previously I discussed how horrible the site can be, seeing as it’s just a bunch of writers who generally tell each other how awesome the are so they can all get high marks and move on up ot be seen by whomever it is at the top that looks at these things.

That’s still true, and I’m playing the game.

But there are others who attempt to try to give useful critiques. Those are the ones I appreciate.

There are others, still, who seem like their intentions are to play the game, but also try to give atrocious comments, hidden within kindness. . . or maybe they just don’t know what they are saying.

For example, one such comment I received was that my work was paradoxical, due to the sum being much better than the particular.  Perhaps they didn’t mean it to come off this way, but I’m pretty sure they are basically saying that the idea is solid, but the actual implementation of the idea sucks donkey balls.

But whatevs, I understand that people won’t totally get it.  This particular person was against the fact that it opened with a “dream sequence”.  This is apparently a taboo right now, among crap writers, as so many of us use that for the opening sequence.  I get it, and I would totally get rid of it if it wouldn’t completely change the story.  But that’s the part of the artistic nature of writing that I think is being lost.  People don’t see art, they see trends.  And if your book has something they’ve seen before, you’re part of that trend and therefore crap. Unless, of course, you’re writing about vampires, or vampire fan fiction that involves crazy amounts of weird, poorly written, sexy time.

In other words, I’ve taken the note to heart, considered it, and (mostly) rejected it.  I know why they hate the dream sequence, if I had known that this was a new author trend before I began writing it, I may have considered going a completely different route, but at this point, this is the story I have, and I can’t take out major plot points to appease people who are sick of a trend that most people aren’t even aware of.

Of course, that will still probably kill my chances with the agents, but we’ll deal with that issue when we come to it.

All in all, I’m a busy mofo and need to get back to it, but I figured I’d update on here, as well as the usual removing of stupid words from my typing so my actual work can be as fantastic as it should be.

Have a good one!


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