I finally watched the movie Jumper today.  I say ‘finally’ because the book the movie is based on was one of many books I read when I was doing some early research on how to write about super-heroes in preparation for writing The Legend of Buddy Hero.  That was long before I had any real clue what that story was going to morph into. . .

Anyways, within the many books I read, Jumper had long been one that I really latched onto.  It was a book I found to be a standout in the super-power genre.  I found myself being annoyed that it was yet another standard origin story (a hard thing to get around), but really appreciated the emotion that went around the use of the power, at least in the early parts of the book.  The later parts of the book seemed to get a bit off track in trying to figure out what to do with this character now that they had powers.  The movie, unfortunately, seemed to have lost most of the drama the character suffered in the book.

The movie was meh, but reminded me of the many thoughts that plowed through my head regarding teleportation when trying to develop my own story.  I really had very little interest in having teleportation be a main focus of the book, but there were all these philosophical thoughts that went floating around in there.

The big one was with regards to the future.  I firmly believe that teleportation is something that mankind will figure out within the next 100 years, if not well below that mark.  But when I was coming to that conclusion, looking at how the world has bettered itself throughout history, I came to the conclusion that teleportation is likely because traveling is the one item of wasted time that we haven’t fully removed.  We’ve come up with ways to fill that time, but it’s still necessary, non-productive, time.

So, back then, I came up with two possible conclusions that mankind could come to as ways to fix such a situation.  A. Teleportation (bring the person to the location immediately) or B. bring the location to the person.  The really interesting part of this discussion is that B is already here.  I mean, not entirely, obviously, but if it weren’t for dropping my children off at day care, I would have no need to ever leave my house.  I work from home, I communicate from home (been doing a lot of skyping especially with my new phone), I can have food and goods delivered directly to my home (we leave the house for groceries and such, but we don’t have to).  The world has made it today that I don’t have to travel if I don’t want to.  We used to have a nanny that came to our house to watch our children, that’s not even new technologies. . . nannies coming to your house is how things used to be.  Heck, even Mary Poppins came out of the sky for such a thing.

The Internet allows us to see the world without ever leaving our office chair.  We can be fully cultured without ever putting on pants.

It’s amazing.  And it’s so horribly misused.

We live in a world where that world is literally at our fingertips, and yet most of what we care to look at are either kittens or porn.

The year 2000 did bring about the world of the future (although it was already here before the change of the millennium came about).  We don’t have flying cars because we were too busy having the world come to us.

And I love it.

But, I’d still dig some teleportation, cuz I do like to leave my house every once in a while, and air travel sucks.  Wish my kids were old enough to enjoy taking a long car ride. . .


Have a good one, may not be around on here for the next little bit.


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