Too Much Stimuli

Been way too crazy busy here.  Work is taking over my life with the added loveliness of mandatory overtime, summer’s turning to fall, meaning that there’s a whole ton of yard work that I need to finish that I didn’t get to throughout the rest of the non-snow months, and a whole host of other items, just as we’re about to head out of town, and all I really want to do is write.

And to top it all off. . . we had our realtor take us out to look at a house, on a whim, and it’s pretty darn close to my dream house. . . although way outside of what we considered our price range.  It’s technically not. . . but in order to make that happen, especially within the time frame that one might consider necessary for snatching up a house before someone else does, we have a ton of work ahead.

So, with all that said. . . I really want to write.

And with that, the revising is going quite brilliantly.  It’s not going nearly as fast as I would have hoped, but that’s not due to my procrastination as much as it’s due to my perfectionism.  I keep coming up with new thoughts on the chapters I’m working on and keep having to go through them again and again.  However, I firmly believe that this is all for the better.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short yet again so I can get everything done (or at least a larger portion of everything) today.


Have a good one.


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