I Heart Exploring

As mentioned last week, I have a thing for adventures, and, also mentioned, feel that I don’t have nearly enough of them.  As part of my standard revising procrastination, I began organizing the photos on my hard drive this week (I am moving forward on the revising, and it’s going swimmingly, but I find myself looking for more and more ways to procrastinate).  In my organizing, I, obviously, came across many photos of the many adventures my little family has gone on over the past 5+ years.

It’s been fun.

But even more than that, it gets me excited for this weekend, when we’ll be going on another adventure back to the homeland of South Carolina.  We have no real plans for activities, which, honestly, can be some of the most fun we have.  However, there will be duck feeding, golf cart riding, beach hanging-out’ing, a wedding, Shealy’s BBQ’ing, putt-putting, and a whole host of other activities that we will, no doubt, find ourselves partaking in.

But the real fun is the exploration.  You see, I’ve spent a lot of time in South Carolina, specifically the Myrtle Beach area we’re spending most of our vacation at.  I’ve spent a great deal of my time there exploring.  And, to be honest, there’s not all that much for corporate/organized type activities to do down there that I really get into.  But there is so much to explore.

And so, I find myself finally getting excited for the upcoming adventure. . . moving past the work-load I’ve got going on right now and just thinking about all the possibilities ahead of us.  And getting really excited to continue to show my children how much fun it is to have adventures and explore.

Anyways, I’ve gotta run off on a little mini-exploration trip, so I’m gonna cut this one short.

Hope you all have a good one.

P.S. Thank God for getting my keyboard back. . .


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