Don’t let the title fool you.  I’m not off on some adventure today.  Unfortunately.  Nope, stuck at my desk per the usual.

However, been dreaming of adventures lately.  Been craving them.  It’s odd that I’ve been in such a place as of late, seeing as I just had a short adventurous trip out to Las Vegas rather recently.  In fact, it hasn’t even been a month since that one.  And I’m only a little over a week away from my next adventure.

Yet, as the days of summer wane, I can’t help but think that my adventures have been too few and far between this year, and I’m not sure why.  This spring we made it out to San Francisco, an new location for all of us.  It was quite the adventure getting to explore a new area.  I’ve been exploring the lakes and rivers of Eau Claire this year as well, now that I’ve got my new fishing license (I haven’t actually fished since I turned 16. . . never had a fishing license).  And, well, almost every day can feel like an adventure with a couple of kids around anyways.

But I still find myself yearning.  I think it has something to do with the years creeping up on me.  When I was a kid, I always thought of things as adventures.  I was always looking for the next adventure.  And. . . there were never enough adventures going on for me either.  I even remember there being one point where a young, naive version of me sat on the swings feeling bored, where I actually wished to be kidnapped, as I figured that must be a great adventure.

Even young me knew that was a little too far, but it was still something I considered. . . oddly enough.

So, I’ve been finding myself wanting to expose my children to as many new things as possible, because everything is an adventure to them.  Even when I’m completely exhausted, I’ve been looking for new adventures to take them on.  And perhaps that’s where my insatiable need has been coming from.  It’s addicting.  Every time I get to see their eyes light up at some new experience or item of desire, it activates some pleasure center in my brain.

I could literally spend all my time and money just exposing my children to new things, just to continue to experience that moment where I see that they understand how awesome the world around them is.  And what’s even better is that I can have these experiences repeated over and over again as their long term memories are still developing (although my daughter’s ability to remember even the smallest details of the past is astounding).

Anyways, as I sit at my desk working on spreadsheets today, I find myself trying to think of all the experiences I can take them on with our next adventure.  I’m pretty excited for it.


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