The Return

So, I think I can officially claim that I’ve returned to writing in this space regularly.  My focus for the past couple months has unfortunately kept me from doing much writing, due to. . . well, life.  Not just life, there was also a bit of reluctance to get back to writing.  You know, the old standard of being pissed that no one wants my books and crap.

But, I’m back at it.  I’ve been working on revising again (and have a couple of new book thoughts that I’m eager to get put together) and I have to admit. . . it’s looking damn good.

It’s amazing what happens when I spend a deal of time obsessing over my issues with my work, when I come back to it, things just seem to flow.  For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on revising the first chapter of Buddy Hero, but kept getting to the same spot in the chapter and just not knowing what to do with it.  I knew I didn’t like it, but I just didn’t know how to respond.

Then I deleted it.

This piece was one of the last remnants of the original draft of the first chapter still hanging around.  It was description, it was bulky, and it just completely killed the narrative going on at that point.  I hated it.  I thought it was necessary.  It’s not.

Sure, there’s some stuff that I want to relay that gets lost in there, but it’s stuff that comes up later, and, honestly, is pretty darn obvious anyways.

And this all comes back to the main complaint that kept hitting me about Buddy.  The battle between showing and telling.  I don’t think that the current version suffers from an overabundance of these moments, but the ones that exist just ache to read.

And the ache to read part is the important part.  There have been so many moments in the revising process of this book where I’ve just been certain that I didn’t like a specific line, or paragraph, or whatever.  But I just didn’t know what to do with it.  So, I left it in, assuming that at some point I would come up with the answer.  I haven’t been allowing myself to do this with this current revision, and although it’s been causing me a bit of trauma. . . the book is looking tons better for it.  Already I’m seeing a new beauty grow out of the dialogue and relationships because I’m having to come at explaining something from a completely different perspective.  And although I’ve completed relatively few pages in the whole scheme of things, the moments where I choose to ignore passages I dislike is disappearing (in the revised portions at least).

And that makes me happy.


So, anyways, I’m getting back to revising, and doing it the way I’ve known I needed to for quite some time.  Here’s hoping I can keep from getting back into a funk.  Because my funks are stupid.  The main fix for the funks is to keep writing. . . but it’s so hard to start writing when the funk’s around.

Yeah. . . but that doesn’t matter.  I’m doing it for now, and it makes me happier.

Have a good weekend!


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