Poo Face

Everyone knows that the bond between a parent and their children is strong (at least until the kid reaches the teenaged years) but I have now firmly reached the understanding that this reaches its strongest moment during potty training.

The house-breaking of a kid can be painful, tiring, and, well, pretty darn gross.  But, there are some highlights.  The first moment you know that your kid actually understands how to push a turd out is a pretty exciting moment.  However, potty training can be quite the learning experience for the parent as well.  I, for instance, have learned what goes on in the heads of parents when they look at their kid and immediately jump to their feet and run to the nearest indoor outhouse screaming something about fecal matter over and over again while the kid begins bawling while holding a very confused look on their face.

The parent saw what I like to call the Poo Face.  You know that face made in every movie where someone tricks someone else into taking a laxative and the laxative finally kicks in?  It’s that face.

Now, my daughter has been officially potty trained for quite some time, although we have had many moments of regression along the way.  Yet, she still has a tendency to get so hung up on whatever she’s doing that she just forgets to poop.  Until, of course, the final countdown arrives.

The really funny thing about this situation is that, she knows what the sensation she’s feeling means, and she looks at me when the Poo Face hits, her way of not-exactly-telepathically letting me know what’s going down in her inner workings.  And we have a moment between the two of us, where we are both thinking the exact same thing.  It’s beautiful in its own way.  No words need to be spoken.

But, of course they do. . . as I generally like to yell or sing something about how we’re going to poop along the way.  She tends to join in.  It’s a fun time.  🙂

Have a good one!


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