Rewrites are teh Suckq

So, day two of my hiatus from the site. . . and the second day of putting something out here.

The reason for this particular post, however, is that I have begun the rewrite process proper and have already hit the wall.  It probably have something to do with the combination of exhaustion and frustration I’m dealing with from my normal world existence, but I really needed to take a break from staring at words on a page that I can’t come up with a way to correct.

On the bright side, although beginning the process is moving slowly, I believe I’ve made some fantastic additions already.  I’m hoping that once my brain transitions over to this process that things will fly. . . but for right now, it’s crawling along.

However, 3 pages (out of the unformatted 200) completed.  That’s not horrible.  Unless you consider the fact that I will go through them another 15 times before I actually consider them completed.


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