How Social Media is Killing Society

So, I know I just yesterday stated that I was going to take a hiatus from using this space.

Yep, I’m already breaking the hiatus.

The issue is, well, you see, I was sitting at my computer, preparing to do some good ol’ revising of Buddy Hero when I found myself trying to find ways to procrastinate.  Although I killed my twitter account, declared a hiatus from both of my blogs, and overall intended to do very little else on my computer than revise. . . well, I ended up checking out Facebook.

Facebook, oh how I wish I could get rid of you.  I am constantly on the verge of killing my facebook account.  I don’t like it.  Whenever I find myself going on there to see what’s going on, I’m always bored by the results.  The worse part, however, is when I’m not only bored, but pissed.

Same thing would happen on Twitter.

You see, as I grew up, I was very aware of the fact that people generally didn’t talk about religion or politics in mixed company.  If you didn’t know for a fact that the person across the table agreed with you on everything, it was considered best practice to just not discuss it.  People realized that friendships shouldn’t be made or broken based on religious or political beliefs and, instead of engaging in major battles regarding such topics, just decided it was polite not to discuss them.  Both sides were aware that there were differences, but never fully aware of the lengths of these differences.

Facebook is like suddenly finding out your best friend is a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  My Facebook feed is filled with very little else than people’s thoughts on the current state of affairs in the world.  And I see very little in the middle, it’s either far right or far left talk.  And every time I go on there, I just get pissed, at everyone.

I understand people have their own thoughts about these topics (although very few of these updates they post are original to them), I’m okay with people having their own thoughts.  But it’s like all of a sudden there is no social filter.  Where people used to think that no one would want to hear such things, it’s now okay to speak whatever crazy retarded thought is on their mind.  The world used to be smart enough to realize that they couldn’t discuss these things with their friends in person, but has now gotten to the point where it’s completely normal activity to discuss them in a forum where miscommunication is the standard.  The only thing keeping people from thinking you’re angry could be an exclamation point.  And the people who disagree with you are just looking for any spelling mistake to discredit you.

It’s stupid.  No one learns anything, no one is swayed.  They are just pissed.

And then, instead of wasting a couple of minutes before getting back to their project, they get into a mental rage fit that keeps them from getting anything done for the following half hour as they mentally work on their responses to your stupid status update about [INSERT POLITICAL FIGURE HERE].

So, of course, the question is, why don’t I just drop Facebook like the bad habit it so obviously is.

I would. . honestly.  The issue is, it’s a whole lot easier of a way to share pictures of my kids with my family than it is to print and ship them.

In other words, I’m very very lazy.

I really need to get back to working.


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