Rewrites of Awesometown

So, I still haven’t actually officially began the rewrite process on Buddy Hero yet, just in the midst of reading the last few pages (had to take an unrelated break and figured I might as well spend a little time on here before heading back into the workload), but I now feel confident in saying that Buddy Hero will be an amazing book.

There are so many things I’m seeing that could have been done so amazingly better that this rewrite is going to be pretty darn extensive, but for very good reasons.  Characters will change, plot lines will change, but overall I believe they will make for a much more amazing story.

This was my first book, and re-reading it is showing me the weaknesses that occur there.  However, I now see how many more awesome things can be done in here, re-realizing the amazing possibilities there are within this world.  These are mostly things I had realized when I initially wrote the thing, but whether I forgot about them, or just failed at the writing part, never really made it into the final version.

But my pile of notes is growing drastically and I feel very confident in telling you that the finished version of this book will be epic.  Just like it should be.

I am still coming up with further fears, however, as I keep noting similarities (albeit very superficial) to The Avengers film.  Although this book is very very different from the movie, I want to avoid appearing to be ripping them off as much as possible.  I’m still not certain how I’m going to do that.

Anyhoo, back to work.  I just got excited and wanted to share that excitement.


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