It has officially become too hot to be a house with incredibly limited cooling options available. . . especially considering I work from home.

I have spent the past few days dripping with sweat as I attempt to complete all that’s necessary of me.  It’s pretty gross.

In other news, I finally got my mojo back and have moved back into working on the rewrites of my two books.  I’m hoping to be able to focus on this project as much as possible and fly through the process as I’d really like to begin working on a new project, although I haven’t really decided what that will be.

All the same, finishing up my read-thru of Buddy Hero has brought me to some wonderful places as far as where the rewrite will take me, and I came up with one today that will completely change the overall story of the series to being something more in line with what I had initially considered.

At the same time, I’m seeing a few things that The Avengers has stolen from me, which I’m now trying to decide how to react.  Something about us both having a giant hole in the sky as part of our finale and that both holes have other-worldly monsters coming from them. . . well, it just might be a bit too close for some readers, and since my book will not be seen as pre-dating the movie, well, I’d be considered the thief.

It’s not like it is all that important to the story, but it is something I could foresee causing controversy, in the event anyone ever reads the book.

Anyhoo, much to do. . . and more sweat to wipe up, so I’ll chat later.


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