For a long time now, I’ve really not fully understood why I have disliked many of the jobs I’ve held over the years. Most jobs, once I’ve been around for at least 6 months, get to the point where I’m not actually doing anything new, but I am technically improving processes.  That’s what I do, no matter what job I’m holding, I usually end up finding ways to make things better.

However, there’s one big issue about making things better. . . it’s never better enough.  Create an amazing website that streamlines inventory and makes it easier not only for people to perform their jobs, but their bosses to track what they are doing, and where the work’s coming from and whatever else.  But I can’t put a spell check option on there?  Motherf-er!

Oh, you want these two completely different intake options to be able to transfer between the two of them without having to actually make the options similar for what information is being obtained, yeah, sure, I can make something up.  You want to be able to just push a button to do that for you, right?

Oh, wait, the information won’t all transfer completely because of how different the two items in question are?  What the hell kinda operation am I running here.

No matter what I do, it seems that the complaints run in about the stupidest smallest things. . . things that I already pointed out to these people as possible flaws (outside of the spell check dealie. . . I could care less about spell check [as is obvious on this site where I do have a button for it])

My life has become a constant battle of convincing people that they don’t want things the way they are asking for them, only to comply anyways, making completely certain they are aware of the faults. . . for them to come back a couple weeks later pissed off about the faults.

It’s really f-ing annoying.  Every morning when I log in, I find myself taking longer and longer before I actually open my e-mail client.  I know that over the few hours since I’ve been on, at least one e-mail complaining about how one part of these amazing processes I’ve built doesn’t work exactly the way they’d like.  Well. . . and it’s not exactly that usually. . . it’s usually them bitching about how something doesn’t work the way they think it should, but they really just don’t know how to use the tool.  And it’s not like I’m building anything from scratch.  I’m not a programmer. . . I use whatever Office products the company will license to me to get these jobs done.  The buttons in question have been there forever.  These are people who don’t know how to do basic computing tasks.

Like how to refresh a web page on a browser. . . or what it means to refresh a web page on a browser. . . or what a browser is. . . or what internet explorer is. . . and where the hell is that ANY key?  (the last one is not something that’s happened to me, the rest are all from a recent conversation I had with someone who was having computer problems and came to me. . . because, you know, I’m tech support [I’m not tech support]).

But it’s not the ignorance that bothers me.  I understand people have different levels of experience with everything.  These people might have a more immediate understanding of the intricacies of tractor pulls than I do, something that’s currently on my bucket list to attend.  No, it’s the arrogance these people have to come to me to tell me something is busted, needs to be thrown completely out, because they can’t hit a f-ing button to make sure they speelled aal there wurds good.

I’m not looking for accolades.  I get paid to basically sit on my ass watching netflix and coming up with ways to make things better.  When they tell me things that could make things better, it makes my job that much easier.  But to come at me nostrils flaring like the whole company is on the bridge of destruction because you can’t click a button to make sure you don’t look like an idiot with the five word sentence you’re typing. . . sheesh.

Everything above is obviously hyperbole, and, in fact, the spell check question was not something brought to me in all that much rage, but a simple example to utilize, as opposed to trying to explain background processes that I’m working on.  But I do spend a lot of time dealing with e-mails or other correspondence dealing with people who are very unhappy with an incredibly simple process not being slightly simpler.  It’s frustrating to think that no matter how easy I make their lives, their lives just aren’t easy enough.

Perhaps I could develop an access database that would be able to perform their jobs for them. . . maybe that would make them happy?

(I didn’t get enough sleep last night. . . )


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