Needed: NAP

So, I spent the last 3 days in the Twin Cities.  My wife had some business there, and since my son has yet to learn the wonders of being night-weaned, I decided to tag along so I didn’t have to fight him throughout the night.

However, that meant I was left alone with two young kids, both still in need of mid-day naps (if not more), who could not be awake in a hotel room for longer than 10 minutes before going crazy.

I had made relatively solid plans for the first day, but figured I’d do a bit more research on the other options as the week went on, since there would be a great deal of time stuck in a hotel room with sleeping kids. This was, of course, assuming that I would have internet at my disposal.

Apparently the Marriott in Minnetonka believes that internet is a commodity that should still cost patrons money in 2012.  And although I could afford it, 12 bucks a day for internet just seemed unreasonable, especially in the world of today.  I didn’t want to give them the benefit of taking my money.

This meant that I was left to wing it for the other two days.  I did pretty well, based on my minor knowledge of kid-friendly activities in the area and a GPS to guide me, but the last day was filled with several stupid scheduling issues, like the need to complete midday nap by 2pm and the need to meet up for dinner by 5pm. Driving the long distances to the few places I had in mind meant that we would spend very little time engaged in the activities, but much time spent driving (stupid city traffic!).

Needless to say, it was an exhausting day of trying to find a pile of smaller amusements for the two, who were already exhausted from 2 days of late nights (an early mornings).  And I am tired.

Worst part about the whole thing. . .  I got absolutely nothing done this week.

Next week’s going to be a busy one.

Have a great weekend.


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